Enfield Council Engineers were looking to re-furbish the pedestrian footbridge at Chichester Road in Enfield.
The footbridge which had a timber deck construction with timber panels and treads was badly rotting and the council were concerned that unless something was done soon, the footbridge may need to be closed for safety reasons.

The problems faced by Enfield Council

Chichester Road before Polydeck work
Chichester Road before Polydeck work

The council were in charge of the walking surface, but the structure was owned by Network Rail, so a careful negotiation with all parties was required to carry out the works.
It was agreed with Network Rail and the Council that the entire footbridge would be replaced with new hardwood support timbers and a long lasting 9mm tread and panel would be fixed on top of the hardwood to provide the anti slip finish.  Enfield Council then contacted Polydeck Limited to recommend an appropriate slip resistant surface.

Chichester Road before Polydeck work Chichester Road before Polydeck work

Polydeck’s solution

Polydeck Limited recommended the use of its 9mm thick extra heavy duty DDA compliant anti slip treads and panels.

Chichester road after Polydeck work Chichester Road after Polydeck work

The treads and panels are designed for frequent use and are guaranteed for to give a hard-wearing slip resistant surface for 30 years. They are made from a non-rotting glass reinforced plastic (GRP) base and include a near-diamond-hard aggregate for long life. The panels and treads were made to the exact sizes required for the bridge with a diamond pattern finish and contrasting yellow and white coloured nosings.They were fitted on site within a few days by Enfield Council’s contractor – Murphy.

Chichester Road after Polydeck work Chichester Road after Polydeck work

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