If you’ve found this page you’re no doubt looking for a simple solution to stop your decking being slippery. The timber used in decking is prone to developing a layer of algae on the surface, which when wet becomes incredibly slippery and causes a hazard. So all you need is to resolve this problem, right?

In theory yes, but like many things algae is persistent and it will continue to grow back. If you don’t fancy manually treating your decking area every few months or so (who would?) then Polydeck have the ideal solution.

Great Value, Effective Anti Slip Decking Strips

non slip decking strips

Wooden decking is used frequently in the outdoor areas of many businesses and homes, however over time wooden decking can become slippery and subsequently hazardous to walk on due to a build up of moss and algae. Many homeowners and business owners pressure wash there wooden decking to try and nullify this issue, however this is only a short-term fix that will need to be repeated on a regular basis.

So how can you overcome this problem without having to break the bank? Well Polydeck’s anti slip decking strips are a quick and efficient solution!

Our decking strips are guaranteed to improve the safety of potentially hazardous outdoor areas, whilst also improving the appearance of your outdated decking.

Polydeck’s anti slip decking strips are great value, easy to use and are guaranteed for thirty years – that’s a lot of months! (360 to be exact). Placed over the top of your existing decking, non slip decking strips provide increased friction for your shoes to grip, reducing the risk of slipping and providing a much safer surface to walk upon.

Decking grip strips can mechanically fixed or bonded to timber decking to ensure it is firmly in place. Can the other alternatives on the market offer all these benefits? We think not!

Suitable for home or business use, anti slip decking strips are the perfect solution for slippery decking and are available in various aggregates and finishes to suit your requirements. They’re also a great safeguard against slipping and falling which could protect your business – lawsuits on establishment injuries are forever increasing. Find out more about anti slip decking strips.

Polydeck Offer Much More Than Just Non Slip Decking Strips

Non slip decking strips are just one example of the anti slip flooring products we offer, all of which are manufactured by GRIPFAST – the UK’s leading anti slip flooring provider. Anti slip decking boards are also available which can be placed over existing decking or make an attractive decking feature themselves.

For more information about decking grip strips, boards or any other of our anti slip flooring products please fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.