At Polydeck, we are proud to be able to help clients in a wide range of different industries, by providing them with effective anti-slip solutions.

The Polydeck team have been recently working with C2C Trains to supply them with replacement exit stair nosing’s on the Tower of London exit steps at Fenchurch Street Station.

Why did C2C Trains contact Polydeck?

C2C Trains needed to replace the nosing’s on The Tower of London exit steps at Fenchurch Street Station.

The steps were all on an individual curve and C2C could not find a supplier able to manufacture curved stair treads durable enough to withstand the large amount of pedestrian traffic that the steps endure.

C2C had to ensure that the product strictly complied with all relevant legislation and would provide a long lasting and hard-wearing anti- slip surface. C2C contacted Polydeck Ltd and they were able to provide a solution.

Polydeck completed the perfect stair refurbishment project

Polydeck suggested the use of their extra heavy duty Gripfast GRP stair treads, nosing and corduroy tactile’s which give unrivalled wear rates and life expectancy compared to any other GRP anti– slip product.

Polydeck products are custom made at our manufacturing facilities in Bristol so provide customers with their exact requirements every time. Initially, each step was carefully templated so that they could be manufactured at Polydeck’s factory.

Each tread was then custom made by Polydeck’s in– house engineering team. Polydeck’s products are manufactured using GPR (glass reinforced polyester) which means no rot and a life expectancy of 30 years.

The products manufactured also complied with The Equality Act (2010) and all other relevant legislation. C2C were so pleased with the results of the project that they ordered a spare set of treads should any of the newly placed ones become damaged.

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