Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council.


Pedestrian Footbridge.

Customer Problem

Eldon Road Footbridge which spans the River Don is a pedestrian footbridge constructed of steel with a timber plank walkway. Each 50mm thick timber plank was individually covered with a 4mm thick glass fibre anti-slip panel to ensure the walking surface was safe to walk on.

Following an inspection of the bridge by council engineers, it was noticed that much of the overlay GRP had worn away, leaving the footbridge with an exposed slippery surface which was dangerous to walk on. In addition to this, many of the timber beams were rotten and needed replacement.

Polydeck Solution

  • Initially, it was suggested that Polydeck Limited provide replacement overlay strips, tailor made to the exact dimensions of each timber plank and that any rotten timber planks were replaced by the council.
  • As an alternative, however, Polydeck presented its 25mm thick BoardWalk Planks. The planks, which are constructed from a specialist structural composite, are load-bearing and look just like timber panels.  The BoardWalk Planks had the advantage of looking like timber but because they are made from GRP, unlike timber panels, they will not rot. The Boardwalk Planks are guaranteed for 30 years.
  • Also, the BoardWalk planks have an integral anti slip surface, thereby negating the need to provide an additional anti slip covering to the planks.
  • The Boardwalk system could therefore provide a replacement structural walking surface with integral anti slip finish, at almost half the price of combining new timber panels with an over-lay GRP solution.
  • After discussions with the council, it was agreed that Polydeck should make the BoardWalk panels in a special 50mm thickness, to match the depth of timbers that had existed on the bridge beforehand.

The council decided that the colour finish of the BoardWalk panels should be Aged Oak (a light grey). Polydeck Boardwalk Panels are available in a variety of finishes.