Dorset County Council were looking to have one of their boardwalks replaced after severe rotting led to countless plank replacements.

The existing boardwalk was constructed from timber but the sub-structure and planks were a concern for public safety.

Having lasted just shy of 10 years, the existing boardwalk needed to be updated to something more weather resistant, longer lasting, aesthetically pleasing and within budget.

This particular boardwalk spends several months a year submerged  in water due to localized flooding so Dorset CC needed a product that could handle such conditions. That is when they turned to the experts at Polydeck.

The benefits of Polydeck boardwalk

By using the high quality bridge decking planks that were provided by Polydeck, Dorset County Council will benefit off several advantages.

The positives of Polydeck boardwalk are as follows:

  • No rotting
  • Stunning timber effect design
  • Effective anti-slip material
  • Light-weight design
  • Quick and simple to install
  • Life expectancy of over 30 years
  • Made with recycled materials


Polydeck timber is like no other

Unlike traditional timber, which becomes slippery when wet, Polydeck’s bridge decking planks are manufactured using silicon carbide grit, providing a safe anti-slip surface.

The reliability of Polydeck’s anti-slip surfaces are second to none as the grit used is the 2nd hardest material known to man (only beaten by diamond).

Polydeck’s decking is manufactured from glass reinforced polyester (GRP) meaning no rot or weather deterioration, and thanks to its thermoset resin the decking will not warp or expand in the sun. On top of this, Polydecks UK manufactured boardwalk decking planks have an incredible design life of at least 30 years.

Dorset CC choose planks in an oak wood effect with a timber style finish, and to assist with the load bearing weight, Dorset CC were supplied with 45mm thick planks, providing strength and longevity.

The Dorset CC team were delighted with the final product. Graham Stanley, the Senior Manager, commented:

“I was really impressed with how quickly the boardwalk was installed and how Polydeck can get their products to look just like timber”.

Boardwalks are typically supplied in kit form for ease of transport and getting to tricky locations.

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