Did you know that 85% of slip fall accidents are preventable? When you think about the fact that there were over half a million people injured at work as a result of a slip or trip in the year 2011-2012, that is a huge amount of injuries and, as a result, hospitalisation, sick days and cost to the taxpayer.

Anti Slip Flooring for the Workplace

anti slip flooringAnti slip flooring can be a big problem in the workplace, especially for industries that deal with liquids and slippery substances such as food manufacturers, garages, workplaces with chemicals etc. It’s environments like these where employees are more likely to suffer a fall – which could lead to serious injury – and so it is essential that employers and business take the necessary steps and precautionary measures to reduce the risk of injury for employees. Not only does injury lead to sick days but it could also leave you open for a compensation claim, which can be incredibly costly if you are found to be in the wrong.

Luckily, there is an easy way to install anti slip flooring that is effective, durable and will substantially lower the risk of slips and falls. Here at Polydeck we provide high quality Gripfast anti slip flooring for almost any purpose, environment and budget.

Non Slip Flooring for All Environments and Budgets

For slippery outdoor areas we provide anti slip decking and treads, while large areas of anti slip flooring can be created with our anti slip panels or, for those on a tighter budget, anti slip cleats and strips. All of our non slip flooring products are manufactured to your exact specification and are available in a variety of colours and finishes, so you can choose the correct style to suit your surroundings. So when it comes to aesthetics, anti slip flooring need not be a problem!

Gripfast non slip flooring is guaranteed for thirty years. With a near diamond hard aggregate for extra durability, you can be sure that when you buy from us you’re investing in a high quality anti slip flooring solution that will keep your employees save and save you thousands in potential claims or replacing lower quality anti slip flooring more regularly.

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