Most establishments nowadays have stairs with a visible edge that is easier for those with visual impairments to see. However, did you know there are set regulations for the colour and width of the contrasting colour strip? If your premises don’t comply, you could be at risk of a fine.

Part of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) is to ensure premises are just as accessible for those with disabilities as they are for able bodied people. The Act states that stair nosing or treads must be at least 55mm thick on the stair and riser, and be of a contrasting colour to that of the stair. If your stair treads don’t meet this standard you could be penalised – and is it really worth the risk?

Strong and Durable DDA Compliant Non Slip Stair Treads

DDA compliant non slip stair treadsAt Polydeck we supply a range of DDA compliant stair treads that will ensure your premises meets the required standard. Available in a selection of contrasting colours, these stair treads are also non slip for added safety and security. There are several different aggregates available to suit various requirements, such as the amount of foot traffic through your building.

Because we are the UK’s leading provider of anti slip flooring, you can rest assured you’re investing in the highest quality products available on the market. Made with a near diamond hard aggregate and GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester),our non slip treads for stairs are guaranteed for an impressive thirty years – saving you the hassle and stress of forking out in another couple of years if you opt for a cheaper alternative.

Keep Premises Safe with Non Slip Treads for Stairs

Non slip stair treads not only comply with the DDA Act, they help to keep your premises safer too. The workplace is one of the most common environments for accidents – and one of the most common accidents in the workplace are slips and falls. We’ve all slipped down a stair or two in our time – but if non slip stair treads were fitted it would help prevent more serious accidents!

That’s why DDA compliant non slip stair treads are the ideal choice for businesses. Not only are you complying with the DDA, you’re helping to keep your premises and employees safer too! Polydeck’s non slip treads for stairs are the best on the market – and why do you want less than the best for your business?

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