The law regarding non slip stair treads and nosings can be a little unclear if you’re a business owner. Here we’ll spell out the exact legislation you need to follow and how to do so.

The Disability Discrimination Act is one of the major legislation that affects businesses and organisations. It was introduced to ensure companies aren’t discriminating against disabled people. In relation to non slip treads and strips, businesses and organisations must make reasonable changes to the physical features of their premises to ensure those with disabilities can access all services available on site.

Anti Slip Solutions For Stairs That’s DDA Compliant

DDA compliant non slip treadsIn many cases this includes using non slip treads on stairs which contrast with the colour of the floor to make them easy to see. The Act states: ‘All nosings are to be made apparent by a permanently contrasting material on both the tread and the riser…the surface is firm, durable and slip resistant.’

DDA compliant nosings are ideal for helping businesses comply with the DDA legislation. Available in several bright colours and offering a strong, durable non slip surface, they are a long term solution for complying with the DDA, take a look at Polydeck DDA compliant nosings

Stay Legal with Non Slip Treads, Strips & Nosings

Part M of the Building Regulations must also be met by businesses and organisations. This states that ‘stairs should have a 55mm x 5mm colour contrasting nosing edge.’ Our DDA compliant non slip treads meet this requirement and also adhere to the DDA requirements, and are made to measure to suit individual requirements. Full stair non slip treads are also available for industries where the floor may become excessively slippery. Available online, find out more about non slip treads.

Here at Polydeck we offer a wide range of non slip flooring solutions including non slip strips, which are versatile enough to be used across a variety of floors including decking, concrete, metal, timber and more.

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