If you’re looking at anti slip stair flooring it’s good to know the difference between treads and nosings. It’s simple: treads cover the whole stair, while nosings just cover a strip of the stair on the top and riser. In most cases, anti slip nosings are metal or are a different colour to the material on the stairs.

anti slip stair treadsSo What Are DDA Compliant Non Skid Stair Treads & Nosings?

DDA stands for the Disability Discrimination Act. This Act was introduced to ensure companies and organisations take steps to ensure accessibility for those with disabilities. DDA compliant stair treads and strips simply comply with this Act, protecting the owner of the premises from any lawsuits should anyone incur an injury. The main notable difference, however, is that DDA compliant nosings and treads are usually a bright contrasting colour to the rest of the surface to make stairs more visible to those with visual impairments.

Do I Need Non Slip Treads or Anti Slip Nosings?

That usually depends on the nature of your environment. Anti slip treads are usually only required on outdoor stairs, unless you’re in an environment that handles a lot of liquids such as a food manufacturing plant or a garage. Find out in greater detail whether or not your business needs Anti slip treads.

anti slip stair treads

If you’re in the public sector you will most likely need DDA compliant nosings and treads. For more information, take a look at DDA guidelines

All GRIPFAST non slip flooring that Polydeck manufacture is made bespoke to your requirements. Made from Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) with a near diamond hard aggregate, our anti slip flooring is guaranteed for 30 years and that includes non slip treads and nosings.

Make sure your business stairs complies with  DDA by ordering DDA compliant stair treads.

Alternatively,  your business could also benefit from non slip DDA step nosings.

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