DDA compliant flooring is essential for most commercial premises. This includes everything from pubs and restaurants to hotels, apartment complexes and gyms.

What is DDA Compliant Flooring?

DDA compliant flooring is essentially anti slip flooring that complies with the Disability Discrimination Act – usually by including bright contrasting colours at the edge of stairs to make the edge of the step more visible.

DDA-compliant-stair-treadsAt Polydeck we provide DDA compliant stair treads – which cover the entire stair for a full non slip surface – and DDA compliant stair nosings, which just cover the edge and riser of the stair in a non slip, colour contrasting material. Learn more about our effective stair nosings.

DDA compliant flooring must adhere to strict guidelines which Polydeck follow for all DDA compliant flooring we manufacture. It is a cost-effective solution to protect your company from prosecution for non-compliance, or in the event of injury because of the lack of anti slip flooring.

High Quality DDA Compliant Anti Slip Flooring

At Polydeck we manufacture a wide variety of DDA compliant flooring to ensure your premises is safe and accessible for everyone. All the anti slip flooring we manufacture features an integrated, near-diamond hard aggregate that ensures the non slip surface lasts for at least 30 years. Unlike other manufacturers, our anti slip flooring solutions are truly designed to last, which is why for companies across the commercial and industrial sectors such as Cadbury’s, Heinz and Network Rail, Polydeck is the anti slip flooring manufacturer of choice.

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