Cumberland Platforms UK Ltd. is a specialist engineering company that designs and builds vehicle mounted, powered access platforms.  Manufacturing bespoke solutions for its customers, Cumberland Platforms is able to supply both ‘on-road’ and ‘off-road’ access platforms with working heights ranging from 10 meters to 70 meters fitted to vehicles of various types.

The Problem

Some of Cumberland’s customers specified that they wanted an anti slip surface fitting to the tops of their vehicles and also inside the baskets which are used to carry operators.  Cumberland’s customers had found that traditional chequer plate, which is often used on tops of vehicles, was particularly slippery when it got wet and the plastic material used in the manufacture of the baskets was also slippery when it got wet.


Cumberland were determined to source an alternative system to chequer plate to provide a sound anti slip flooring finish on the decks of the vehicles.  They also needed to find a way making the inside of the baskets safe to walk on. They had tried applying tape, but found that the tape would soon wear away under the foot traffic and because the baskets often got wet, the tape simply wouldn’t stick to the bottom of the baskets.


Following an investigation into products available on the market, Polydeck Ltd were contacted regarding their GRIPFAST anti-slip panels. Manufactured from a durable and lightweight composite and incorporating a near-diamond hard anti slip surface, the GRIPFAST anti slip panels were the ideal solution for Cumberland Industries since they met all of Cumberland’s design criteria:

  1. GRIPFAST anti slip panels provided an integral anti-slip surface which meets UK guidelines for slip resistance.
  2. The panels are both light in weight but offer a durable surface with a design life of 30 years.
  3. The anti slip panels can be supplied made-to-measure- with all relevant ‘cut outs’ manufactured in the factory thereby speeding installation and minimising downtime.
  4. The panels can be provided in any colour and a range of different aggregate grades.

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