GRIPFAST Corduroy Tactiles, by Polydeck Limited, have been specifically designed to warn visually impaired people of the presence of hazards such as stairs, level crossings, or the approach of on-street light rapid transit (LRT) platforms. Usually located at the top and bottom of a flight of stairs, our corduroy strip tactiles convey the message, ‘proceed with caution’. Polydeck provide an answer for safety concerns for those at risk of accident or injury.

GRIPFAST corduroy tactile paving is fully compliant

Customers who invest in GRIPFAST Corduroy Tactiles will be complying with the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act and ‘Part M’ of the Building Regulations. The Act states that a stepped access will adhere to requirement M1 or M2 if ‘…a corduroy hazard warning surface is provided at top and bottom landings of a series of flights to give advance warning of a change in level.’ POLYDECK LTD. can help you to achieve this.

Not only do GRIPFAST Corduroy Tactiles meet tactile paving surface guidelines. set by the government, they are made from a durable GRP (glass reinforced polyester) panel which will maintain it’s non slip properties for 30 years.  The surface is comprised of rounded bars running transversely across the direction of pedestrian travel.  These bars are 6mm high, 20mm wide and spaced 50mm from the centre of one bar to the centre of the next, and made from a near diamond-hard aggregate to create such an effective anti-slip surface and ensure a long product lifespan.

Corduroy tactiles

Truncated Dome Option

‘Truncated domes’ is simply just another term that is used to describe blister tactile paving, so the purpose of truncated domes is to provide a clear warning to visually impaired pedestrians at busy public areas such as footpaths, stairs and train station platforms.

In the UK, tactile surfaces in the form of truncated domes were first instituted in the 1990’s, and since this date these surfaces have continued to be introduced to public areas across Britain to help the visually impaired navigate busy locations.

Corduroy Strips also available

GRIPFAST Corduroy Strips are available in any colour, and are suitable for use on concrete, timber, flat steel, tarmac and asphalt surfaces to provide a warning for the visually impaired in a wide variety of environments. They also effectively resist frost, oil, grease, salt water and most other chemicals, which makes them the perfect choice for councils and local authorities that require a strong and durable non slip application. Find out more information about the main features and benefits of corduroy tactiles from Polydeck.

Quick & Easy Installation

The installation of GRIPFAST Corduroy Tactiles is a quick and easy process. They can be bonded and fixed mechanically to practically any surface or structurally solid and level substrate, promising an excellent non-slip tactile surface for up to 30 years. Take a look at our installation instructions for full guidelines and advice on how to install corduroy strip tactiles safely and effectively.

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