Polydeck provide Corduroy Tactiles for the visually impaired, designed to warn the public of the presence of hazards such as stairs. Our Corduroy Tactile Paving Surfaces also allow customers to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act and Part M of the Building Regulations.

Main features and advantages of Corduroy Tactiles

  • Corduroy Tactiles are manufactured from glass reinforced polyester, which doesn’t rot or crack as concrete paving tactiles potentially could.
  • All corduroys are made within a closed mould, and contain an integral layer of near-diamond-hard aluminium oxide and silicon carbide aggregate to provide a non-slip surface which is highly durable against wear.
  • Corduroy tactiles can be made in an infinite number of colours to ensure that they match the customer’s exact requirement (although they are usually supplied in a buff colour.)
  • All tactiles meet the UK Slip Resistance Group classification of “Low Slip Potential,” lowering the risk of slip accidents.
  • All tactiles conform to all current DETR and Network Rail guidelines.
  • Tactiles are manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001:2008 standards and are include a 30-year design life guarantee.
  • Tactiles are engineered featuring a pigmented resin within the mould, so that the tactile colour is present throughout the entire product.
  • Tactiles can be cut to specific lengths and shapes within the factory, to give a tailor-made result
  • All tactiles can be pre-drilled and countersunk for a faster installation.
  • All tactiles can be supplied with or without chamfers at the factory to ensure that leading edges do not create a trip hazard
  • All tactiles come with a standard fire rating classification of Class 2 to BS476
  • All tactiles can be easily notched or cut on site with a diamond tipped blade, to accommodate specific site issues such as cutting around posts.
  • All tactiles are made with a chemically resistant polyester resin to guarantee that they feature excellent chemical resistance properties.

Contact us for more Corduroy Tactile information

For more information on the many features and benefits of corduroy tactiles, or any of the anti slip flooring available from Polydeck, simply get in touch with our friendly team. Give us a call direct on 0370 218 4946, or input your details on our contact us page and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.