GRIPFAST anti slip flooring is highly resistant to dirt and contaminants but as with all applications it will get dirty. We highly recommend general and regular housekeeping to keep your GRIPFAST anti slip flooring looking fantastic but should your flooring need more cleaning attention we suggest using detergents such as Freshclean – though test it on a small area of flooring first to ensure it will not stain.

How to clean the Gripfast anti slip flooring

In many cases, hot soapy water and a stiff bristle brush is sufficient to clean GRIPFAST flooring. If using detergents please take care to ensure they will not cause contamination in the surrounding environment, especially if food is handled nearby.

GRIPFAST flooring can be power washed without causing harm. However, care should be taken where the flooring has been stuck down and/or edge sealed as very high pressure jetting or repeated power washing will cause damage to sealants and adhesives.

Routine maintenance

Polydeck recommends inspecting the treads and flat areas of GRIPFAST flooring every year to check the security of the fixings and any damage that may have occurred. More regular intervals may be required where hostile or aggressive usage is sustained. Polydeck can arrange an annual ‘health check’ on request.

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