At Polydeck, we manufacture a range of market leading anti-slip flooring and structural products. We feel that our anti-slip decking has outstanding safety benefits and is a high-quality, industry-leading product.

We believe that, no matter what decking you choose, it should always have anti-slip qualities, in order to avoid any serious slips, trips or falls.

Timber or Anti Slip Decking?

If you are currently looking for decking for a personal property or residence, a commercial building or public area, but are not sure whether to go for anti-slip or timber, then take a look at the following information to help you out.

Timber Decking

Timber decking with no anti-slip qualities actually presents a high-level of danger and is hazardous in both commercial and private spaces.

timber deckingUltimately, timber decking without anti-slip features should not be used in public areas.

That said, timber decking is a popular choice for its attractive aesthetic qualities. In addition, timber is versatile, offers simple installation and, when the wood is sourced sustainably, is an eco-friendly option of material.

It is useful to know that FSC sourced wood tends to be the most ethically sourced wood, as it is approved by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

Although timber without anti-slip qualities is generally not recommended, it is possible to purchase timber decking with anti-slip features to avoid a slippery and dangerous surface.

Timber decking with anti-slip qualities can be a good compromise between pure timber decking and anti-slip decking.

Anti-Slip Decking

Anti-slip decking, on the other hand, offers a much safer surface that you are much less likely to trip or slip on.

The anti-slip decking from Polydeck is manufactured from GRIPFAST, which are high-performance, anti-slip decking boards made from Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP). The GRIPFAST non-slip decking boards include a near diamond-hard aggregate to provide a strong non-slip, non-rot surface for up to 30 years.

The great thing about the GRIPFAST anti-slip decking from Polydeck is that it can be manufactured to replicate timber and is, as a result, a popular choice for both its safety values and aesthetic qualities. Get more details on non slip decking panels.

The Perfect Commercial Decking Solution

GRIPFAST BoardwalkBecause our GRIPFAST anti-slip decking is strong, durable, high-performing and aesthetically pleasing, it is an ideal investment for pubs, restaurants, councils and other companies and organisations, that want to provide an attractive surface without increasing the risk of trips and falls of customers and staff.

To summarise then, timber decking tends to be chosen for its natural and attractive appearance, but is much more
likely to become slippery and cause trips and falls. Although anti-slip decking is usually regarded as less aesthetically pleasing than timber decking, it does offer a much safer surface.

To combat the conflict between appearance and safety, Polydeck have created GRIPFAST Boardwalk – anti slip decking that looks like timber, yet has all the non-slip properties of anti slip decking.

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