Dinting Footbridge is a public right of way and part of a dedicated ‘walk to school’ route providing pedestrian access to the local school and railway station. The footbridge, which is of a three span, twin-plate girder construction, is decked with treaded timber panels and is around 37 metres long and 2 metres wide. It sits 7 metres high above Glossop Brook in rural Derbyshire.

The Problem

Inspections by Derbyshire County Council bridge engineers indicated that some of the deck timbers were weathering and had rotted extensively. In addition, the timber anti slip floor coating providing the walking surface were reported to be softening due to water ingress. As a consequence, it was decided to carry out a full maintenance scheme to repair/replace all defective items.


Derbyshire County Council were determined to source an alternative decking system which was more resilient to weathering, thereby reducing future maintenance costs.

The Solution: Load-Bearing Panels from Gripfast

Following an investigation into the products available on the market, Polydeck Ltd were contacted regarding their Gripfast load-bearing anti-slip panels. Manufactured from a durable and lightweight composite, incorporating a near diamond-hard anti slip surface, the Gripfast panels were the ideal solution for Derbyshire County Council, since they met all the criteria that:

  • Gripfast load-bearing anti-slip panels provided a load bearing decking to 5KN/M2
  • The panels are proven to be more resilient than timber decking
  • The panels provide a lighter deck weight than existing timber decking
  • The load-bearing panels provide an integral anti-slip surface which meets UK guidelines for slip resistance
  • The non slip panels have a design life of 30 years.
  • The load bearing panels were fitted within a two day period, and were reported to be easy to handle and fix, and were amendable to site cutting to fit around items such as some of the wider beam stiffeners, and at each return end of the beams.

Polydeck design, manufacture and install a variety of solutions for slippery surfaces.