Captain Cook Museum, Whitby


Walkway decking

Customer Problem

The existing timber decking was rotten and slippery in wet conditions

The Polydeck Solution for Slippery Decking

  • Polydeck Limited recommended the use of GRIPFAST BoardWalk, a revolutionary new concept in outdoor decking. Unlike traditional timber decking which rots and becomes slippery when wet, GRIPFAST BoardWalk is manufactured from rot-resistant glass fibre and is manufactured with an integral anti slip surface which provides a safe walking surface even in wet conditions.
  • What’s more, GRIPFAST Boardwalk even looks like traditional timber decking. Available in three colours, the museum chose ‘pale birch’ to blend in with their colour scheme.
  • Each 25mm thick load-bearing BoardWalk Plank was quickly and easily installed onto a timber subframe using stainless steel countersunk screws.
  • Each plank has a design life of 30 years and provides a slip resistant surface which is rated as ‘Low Slip Potential’ by the UK Slip Resistance Group.
  • Planks were easily cut down on site to shorter lengths to suit the specific area
  • Manufactured in the UK by Polydeck Limited, the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of load bearing decking planks.

    Captain Cook Planks 3