POLYDECK LIMITED provides two different types of Blister Tactiles to warn visually impaired people of hazards in a range of different environments such as railway stations and public highways.

Off-Street Blister Tactiles, used in railway stations, warn pedestrians that they are coming to the edge of the platform. Changing the feeling under foot, they indicate where a user should stop and wait in order to stay safe, ready to carefully board a train.

On-Street Blister Tactiles warn pedestrians, in the absence of a kerb edge 25mm high, where the footway finishes and carriageway begins. The non slip surface is an essential safety feature at pedestrian crossing points and where the footway is flush with the carriageway to enable wheelchair users to cross unimpeded. On-street blister tactiles warn the visually impaired that they are reaching the edge of the pavement.

All Blister Tactiles that Polydeck produce are compliant with the tactile paving surface guidelines set by the government. Councils, local authorities, railway companies and other organisations choose Polydeck blister tactiles to ensure their premises are compliant with safety guidelines and help those with visual impairments to navigate their way safely.

GRIPFAST Corduroy Tactiles meet legal requirements

Customers who invest in GRIPFAST Corduroy Tactiles will be complying with the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act and ‘Part M’ of the Building Regulations. The Act states that a stepped access will adhere to requirement M1 or M2 if ‘…a corduroy hazard warning surface is provided at top and bottom landings of a series of flights to give advance warning of a change in level.’ POLYDECK LTD. can help you to achieve this.

Long Lasting Blister Tactiles

GRIPFAST Blister Tactiles are manufactured from a hard-wearing GRP (glass reinforced polyester) panel. The non slip surface contains rows of flat topped blisters at various widths apart for increased friction. Each individual blister contains a near diamond-hard aggregate which makes the anti slip surface even more effective, ensuring a long life span for the product – exactly what our customers are looking for. All GRIPFAST anti slip solutions have a guaranteed design life of 30 years.

Corduroy tactiles

Blister Tactiles Offer Great Versatility

GRIPFAST Blister Tactiles are available in an endless selection of colours, and are suitable for use on a range of surfaces such as flat steel, concrete, tarmac and asphalt surfaces showing the products outstanding versatility. Furthermore, the surface remains effective resisting frost, oil, and salt water.

There are many similar non slip products on the market, but if you want one that’s guaranteed to last for up to 30 years, call GRIPFAST on +44 (0) 1934 863678 or fill in the form on our contact us page to discuss your requirements.