The Polydeck Solution to Rotten Panels


Network Rail


Pedestrian footbridge

The Problem

The footbridge was made from railway sleepers and was rotten. It was also very slippery in wet conditions.

  • Provision of 58mm load-bearing anti slip panels to replace rotten and slippery railway sleepers.
  • Load-bearing panels mechanically fixed to the sides of the bridge using ‘coach bolts’
  • Each panel was cut into ‘planks,’ each 1780mm wide x 300mm deep to match the width and depth of the previous timber bearers.
  • Polydeck 58mm panels spanned the entire 1780mm width and provided a load-bearing capability in excess of 5kN per SqM.
  • The 58mm panels were manufactured in a plain chestnut brown finish to complement the rural location of the bridge.
  • Polydeck panels manufactured with a heavy pedestrian finish to give a slip resistant value of ‘76’ dry and ‘74’ wet, ensuring a ‘low slip potential’ as measured by the UK slip resistance group.
  • Polydeck panels covered by our 30 year design life guarantee.