Timber decking looks great when it’s first put down, but very quickly it can become weathered and slippery. Nationally, the number of slip accidents that happen on timber decking is growing, and if someone slips and injures themselves on your floor it can leave you open for a potentially hefty lawsuit. In this age of compensation culture, there are plenty of people out there who will be willing to go a long way to secure a payout –definitely something you want to avoid if you’re a business!

The problem of slippery decking however is surprisingly easily solved! By applying tailor-made Gripfast anti slip strips, the slippery decking can be made safe to walk on. Gripfast anti slip strips can be supplied in any size, any colour and with a range of different aggregate grades to suit your requirements. What’s more they are guaranteed to provide a slip resistant surface for 30 years at a surprisingly affordable price. So now there’s no excuse to put up with dangerous slippery decking!

Protecting Yourself with GRP Anti Slip Decking

anti slip stripsThe Organic Research Centre in Newbury had a problem with slippery decking. The timber decking walkway around the site had weathered and was dangerous to walk on when it had been raining. The Centre contacted Polydeck Limited and we recommended our 2mm Gripfast anti slip strips to make the walkway safe.

The anti slip strips were supplied in a special mahogany colour to match the original decking, and because they were only put down in the really slippery areas, the research centre were able to keep costs to a minimum and not spoil the overall aesthetic look of the walkway.

The walkway is now safe to use for staff and visitors alike.

Protect Your Staff and Visitors with Decking Anti Slip Strips

If you’re thinking of putting down some decking as a walkway area, then instead of opting for timber decking which is slippery, why not consider a GRP decking panel which won’t rot, won’t colour fade and won’t become slippery over time. Polydeck Limited manufactures a range of GRP anti slip decking panels which can be supplied in a range of sizes and colours and are guaranteed for 30 years.

Perfect to use both indoors and outdoors, Gripfast anti-slip decking panels are an ideal way of producing anti slip flooring which looks good to walk on. Easy to install on a timber or metal sub-frame, installing anti slip strips and decking panels dramatically reduces the risk of employees or visitors falling – protecting you against the threat of a lawsuit and compensation claim.

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