The ongoing battering of wind and rain that England is currently experiencing is causing plenty of damage to property and land – but have you ever spared a though to how your outdoor flooring will be hit? Those two powerful elements combined can cause havoc as we well know, not just to property but to your outdoor areas too. If you’ve currently got anti slip flooring installed, how is it holding up against the weather? Most anti slip floors on the market, especially those that are suspiciously low in price, might be great for the first few months or years – but the wear and tear of time and weather will soon take its toll and it won’t be long before you have to fork out for anti slip flooring all over again – that’s if someone hasn’t been injured first to make you aware of the problem.

Wet Slippery Floors Can Be Dangerous

non slip decking boardsHere at Polydeck our non slip flooring is different. Manufactured by GRIPFAST, the UK’s leading provider of non slip flooring, it is GUARANTEED for thirty years – regardless of weather, foot traffic and environment. How? It is made from Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) and contains a near diamond hard aggregate that is super strong and durable.

One of the most hazardous forms of flooring in the rain is decking – and if you’ve ever walked on wet decking you’ll understand why! The recent weather causes havoc for standard decking as it is actually a fungus that thrives in wet weather that makes the surface slippery. Any establishments with a decked outdoor area could be putting themselves at risk of a lawsuit if they haven’t taken reasonable precaution (i.e. installed non slip decking boards) to protect guests, visitors and employees.

GRIPFAST Non Slip Decking Boards are Strong, Safe and Durable

GRIPFAST non slip decking boards are the perfect solution. Strong, safe and most importantly attractive, non slip decking is available in a selection of colours and aggregates to suit individual requirements and will most definitely make your decking safer. Non slip decking boards can easily be fitted over your existing decking or installed as a standalone solution – and if you’re worried about your budget take a look at our anti slip strips as a perfect alternative.

So while everyone else is worrying about the rain, take a step towards making your premises safer by giving us a call about our non slip decking boards or any other of the non slip flooring products we have to offer.

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