All employers in the UK are required to ensure that employees and visitors to their premises are kept safe from harm and adverse affects on their health. Part of this responsibility is to ensure that slips and falls are reasonably prevented; if this is not implemented companies can face a hefty fine.

Slippery Floors Increase the Risk of Injury

CTS_Hi_Grip_timber_decking_2A furniture company boss found this out the hard way when HSE inspectors carried out a routine investigation and found several issues with regards to the concrete flooring in the premises, which was coated with wood dust and lacquer. To make matters worse, employees often had to carry large, heavy furniture across the flooring, putting themselves at high risk of injury. Scientific testing confirmed that the dust was making the flooring extremely slippery.

As the issues were so serious, the inspectors issued several improvement notices which must be upheld by the company. The inspectors returned to find that the family owned company hadn’t done enough to meet the requirements of the slippery floor notice; only parts of the concrete floor had been treated with non-slip paint, with bare patches visible. The same standards apply for stairs, if not more stringent. An important question, does your business need to have non slip treads on stairs?

Solve the Problem with Anti Slip Strips

In cases like these anti slip strips are the ideal solution. Durable, discreet and fantastic value for money, anti slip strips can be fitted to almost any floor to provide additional friction – reducing the risk of slips and falls dramatically, particularly in an environment such as this. Simply fitting anti slip strips onto your floor can help keep your employees and visitors safe while covering yourself against possible fines; the company above received an overall fine of £8,000 in addition to £9,730 in costs – all because they failed to use a proper anti slip flooring solution such as anti slip strips.

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