Polydeck tailor make every anti-slip solution, ensuring we meet our client’s requirements.

To comply with the Equality Act (2010), Haywood & Jackson Fabrications Ltd were set the task of refurbishing a set of access steps at Euston Colonnade.

As an anti– slip flooring specialist, Polydeck were contacted by Haywood & Jackson Fabrications Ltd to tackle the problems regarding the stairs.

Refurbishing Euston Colonnade access steps

Euston Colonnade steps are for public use, meaning over time, they had become tired looking and had lost both the painted nosing and treads.

Not only this, but they were no longer anti-slip, meaning it was essential the stairs were updated to enhance safety and improve their overall appearance.

The steps required a tough, long-lasting anti-slip tread replacement, but also needed to act as an auxiliary aid for the poorly sighted.

Compliant GRP stair treads from Polydeck

At Polydeck, we provide heavy duty, Equality Act (2010) compliant stair treads, so clients can remain within their legal duties whilst having a safe set of stairs with an improved appearance.

This was the perfect solution for the Euston Colonnade access steps. Our GRP, anti-slip diamond pattern treads are manufactured with an integral colour, constant nosing and down stand, which ensures that the edges of the tread are easily visible.

In addition, they do not need regular painting and are therefore low maintenance. Recommended for their durability and longevity, they are guaranteed a safe walking surface for as long as 30 years.

Polydeck manufactures its products in Bristol, meaning the treads, nosing and risers could be made quickly and customised to the requirements of Haywood & Jackson Fabrications Ltd.

Operations Director for Haywood & Jackson, John Kenny, commented,

“The treads were easy to install and look great, but most importantly the steps are now safe to use.”

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