GRIPFAST anti slip tape provides an immediate solution to the problem of slip hazards. Recommended for internal use where there is pedestrian traffic, anti slip tape can be applied to a number of areas including walkways, stairs and ramps, where slip accidents are likely to happen. A surface’s safety can be improved from being hazardous in a few minutes – our anti slip tape really is that easy to use!

Ideal for those who are on a budget, the versatility and cost effectiveness of our anti slip tape doesn’t compromise on quality. The tape will bond easily to most dry surfaces because of our specially designed pressure sensitive adhesive, which delivers strong adhesion to most surfaces. The aggregate we use is also near diamond-hard and provides a durable anti slip surface which is safe to walk on.

Versatile Anti Slip Floor Tape

Anti slip tape is available in a large selection of sizes, with a range of different colours to complement any environment. From bathrooms to receptions, anti slip tape is the perfect accessory for any business looking to safeguard their walkways and keep their workforce safe.

Anti slip tape is a highly beneficial product designed especially for those who are looking for a quick fix solution. Flexible enough to be effective in a number of areas, it is a versatile product that will provide non slip for years to come.

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