If you’re looking for an instant non slip solution you can’t get easier and simpler than anti slip tape! Simply cut off the amount you need and apply it to the desired area and there you have it – a non slip solution that is safe, effective and durable. It bonds to most dry surface and features a near diamond hard aggregate that is resilient to heavy foot traffic, making it an ideal choice for most environments.

Anti slip tape can also be used as a substitute for anti slip stair treads where budgets are tight; there are various colours available so you can contrast it with the flooring so the stairs are easily visible. Incredibly versatile, it can be used almost anywhere indoors to provide a surface that is safe to walk on for years to come.

Anti Slip Tape is Durable Slip Fix!

anti slip tapeIf anti slip stair treads aren’t out of your budget though, we would recommend using them instead of non slip tape. These treads can be fixed to a wide variety of surfaces including concrete, timber and steel, and provide a tough non slip surface that is suitable for use in environments where liquids may be spilled such as food plants and factories. We have fitted anti slip stair treads for a wide range of firms including BP, Ford, Heinz, Cadbury’s and many more.

All the anti slip products that Polydeck use are manufactured by GRIPFAST – the UK’s leading provider of anti slip flooring solutions. The solid, durable nature of products like our anti slip stair treads mean they’re guaranteed for thirty years – and they’ll never rot either, making them perfect for environments where food is handled or manufactured.

Anti Slip Stair Treads are Suitable for Industrial Needs

GRIPFAST non slip floor products ensure the safety of everyone that may use your environment, making you much less liable in law suits should a claim resulting an injury arise. Our range of anti slip flooring can cater for all requirements, so please have a browse to see what suits you or contact us for more information.

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