Anti slip strips and cleats can be used to make decking safer and concrete areas safer. These non slip products are a great alternative to anti slip panels for those who are on a tight budget. Similar to anti slip panels, anti slip strips and cleats are placed across decking areas that often become slippery and dangerous due to wet conditions. They can be applied to wooden steps in outdoor areas such as parks and gardens, as well as more spacious areas to provide secure anti slip flooring whatever the weather.

As with all GRIPFAST products, our anti slip strips and cleats have a high quality non slip finish and are manufactured from durable GRP (glass reinforced polyester) which contains a near diamond-hard aggregate. GRIPFAST anti slip strips and cleats can be bonded down and/or mechanically fixed to a timber or concrete surface and will provide a highly effective anti slip surface that improves safety for up to 30 years.

Protect Yourself with Anti Slip Strips and Cleats

While anti slip strips and cleats offer outstanding safety benefits, they also act as a safeguard for organisations and businesses against any injury insurance claims. Ensuring you have safe, non slip surfaces is a great step towards your overall site safety, showing that you are doing everything you can to protect your employees and visitors.

Versatile Anti Slip Products From Polydeck

GRIPFAST are proud to offer a fantastic range of innovative products to our customers and our anti slip strips and cleats are just another example of the versatility of our range, which allows all types of businesses and organisations to ensure their premises are improving safety for their customers and employees. Buyers can choose from a range of thicknesses, colours and finishes which, whether they’re used internally or externally are resistant to oils, grease and chemicals – ensuring safety with non slip features at all times. As a result, our anti slip strips and cleats can be made completely bespoke for your individual requirements.

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Anti slip strips and cleats are a versatile, cost effective non slip floor solution, sure to benefit a whole range of different environments. If you’d like to find out more please fill in the form on our contact us page, or make an enquiry, please don’t hesitate to 0370 218 4946 and our specialist team will be more than happy to help you.