Anti-slip solutions are essential for use on station footbridges, where surfaces can become slippery underfoot. When running for a train, the last thing customers want to do is slip and fall over. What’s more, station platforms can also be populated by the elderly and young children, which again emphasises a need for the use of anti-slip materials.

At Polydeck, we manufacture a range of anti-slip panels that make for a practical, safe and durable non-slip surface for use on station footbridges.

Anti-slip solutions for station footbridges from Polydeck

Photo showing the 12mm diamond pattern load-bearing decking on St Anne’s Footbridge

We offer both fully load-bearing and simple overlay anti-slip panels that can be used effectively on station footbridges.

The anti-slip panels, like most of our products, are available in a range of thicknesses, designs and colours.

Whatever panel you choose, the anti-slip panels from Polydeck can be fitted quickly and simply in a minimal amount of time. That said, the quality of fitting is not affected by its simplicity, and our anti-slip panels are highly-effective and make for an ideal anti-slip solution. What’s more, our anti-slip panels are guaranteed for 30 years.

Further features of anti-slip station footbridges

Our anti-slip station footbridges are characterised by a number of key anti-slip features. One of these features is a double layer of fused aluminium oxide aggregate and silicon carbide aggregate. These fused aggregates have a hardness rating of 9 moh for extra heavy durability against wear. What’s more, the size of the aggregate can be selected to improve cleanability.

In addition, our anti-slip station footbridges have slip resistance values of up to 73 WET and 88 DRY. This means that GRIPFAST Stations Platform Panels Duty Stair Treads provide a walking surface which is designated as Low Slip Potential by the UK Slip Resistance Group Guidelines (issue 3, 2011). In addition, they have a fire rating classification of CFL – s1 ** and Class 1 to BS476 Parts 6 and 7.


Options for anti-slip station footbridges

Although all of our anti-slip station footbridges have a design life of 30 years, there are a number of options that we offer here at Polydeck so that you can choose the right anti-slip station footbridge.

Our anti-slip station footbridges are available as both 4mm or 6mm thick overlay panels, or 12mm, 25mm and 36mm thick load-bearing panels.

They are available in a wide range of colours (any BS or RAL pigment) and in a range of different surface patterns. The types of surface patterns we offer include plain finish, diamond pattern, tile pattern and timber deck effect.

Check out the complete range of anti slip products for bridges.

Non Slip Flooring from Polydeck

Over the last 25 years, our products at Polydeck have been specified by Local Authorities for a number of different uses, including pubic footbridges. For more information on the products we can supply to provide anti slip flooring solutions, get in touch on  01934 863678 or alternatively leave your details on our contact us page and we’ll reply as soon as possible.