Working in connection with Sumo Glazing, we were able to provide a bespoke anti-slip solution for the Lymington Pier Station by replacing the outdated plywood panels.

In our latest case history post, we relive how we helped renovate the Lymington Pier Station ramp and provide you with details on how we can help you with any upcoming projects that you have as well!

Lymington Pier Station required the ultimate anti-slip decking planks

For ease of access into Lymington Pier Station, an access ramp allows commuters to safely cross its threshold thanks to Polydeck’s GRP antislip decking planks.

Sumo Glazing, working on behalf of Osbourne Contractors for Network Rail, suggested the use of Polydeck’s load bearing decking planks when the existing plywood panels had deteriorated. The existing anti- slip surface had failed in places which was allowing rain water to seep through, inevitably weakening and rotting the existing panels.

Our durable GRP planks were perfect for the job

Polydeck’s GRP decking planks are manufactured using glass reinforced polyester, meaning they are resistant to rotting. On top of this they are also lightweight, quick and easy to install and last 30+ years! Installing a product which can withstand the elements for 30+ years is better for the environment as you won’t have to replace them every 10 years like timber panels.

The GRP decking planks that Polydeck manufacture have a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Resistant to rotting
  • Available in a range of designs
  • Made with anti-slip, lightweight material
  • Quick & easy to install
  • 30+ years life expectancy
  • Includes recycled materials

Sumo Glazing chose GRP decking planks in the diamond pattern surface design, which is uniquely produced by Polydeck in Bristol. Bridge repairs at Sumo Glazing, commented:

“Polydeck’s GRP planks are a great alternative to wood. They last longer, are more durable and were easy to install”.