GRIPFAST anti slip flooring is the ideal way to make slippery floors safer to walk on. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations, our anti slip flooring is ideal for areas such as public pathways, ramps and bridges which tend to become slippery when rain and frost settle in winter months.  GRIPFAST anti slip floor covering is also useful to use in factories where water, grease, oil and other chemicals can make walkways and work areas slippery and dangerous to walk on.

GRIPFAST anti slip flooring panels are manufactured from durable GRP (glass reinforced polyester) so they will never rot (unlike timber panels).  They also contain an aggregate which is almost as hard as diamond, which is why we guarantee them for 30 years.

A Solution To Slippery Floors That Lasts Up To 30 Years

Installation of anti slip flooring is easier than you might think; it’s simply a case of putting panels together to cover the affected area – just like a jigsaw puzzle. Panels can bonded and/or mechanically fixed to practically any surface, with minimal surface preparation, whether it’s concrete, timber, steel or open grating, providing a guaranteed slip resistant surface for up to 30 years – a fine investment for any organisation or business.

GRIPFAST boardwalk

gripfast boardwalk

Make your business DDA Compliant with Polydeck anti-slip solutions

DDA Compliant Treads

DDA compliant nosings

DDA Compliant Nosings

Antislip decking

anti slip decking

Antislip strips cleats

Anti slip strips & cleats

Load bearing flooring

DDA Compliant Nosings

Antislip tape

anti slip tape


Anti slip treads

slurry non slip flooring

slurry surfaces

Ladder cleats

ladder rung covers

Corduroy tactiles

corduroy tactiles

Blister tactiles

blister tactiles


heavy duty aluminium tread

heavy duty non slip stair treads

heavy duty grp tread

A Range of Non Slip Flooring Options Available

At GRIPFAST we pride ourselves on our innovative and durable range of products. We are dedicated to providing customers with a great range of options, which is why our anti slip flooring is available in a selection of thicknesses, colours and finishes, designed to suit you.

If you’re interested in our anti slip flooring solutions, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Contact us on +44 (0) 1934 863678 or, alternatively, enter your details on our contact page and we’ll get in touch as soon as we possibly can.