How does anti slip flooring work?

Polydeck is the UK’s leading manufacturer of non-slip composite surfaces, creating a range of products that make an indoor or outdoor space safe for all users in all conditions.

Available in a range of patterns, colours, thicknesses and aggregate grades, Polydeck can help you find the perfect non-slip product to suit your needs.

Anti-slip panels from Polydeck

Manufactured by GRIPFAST, a member of the Polydeck Group, our anti-slip products are created using glass reinforced polyester making them strong, durable, fire retardant and easy to maintain. Originally used by the British military in World War Two, glass reinforced polyester has since been used for a variety of purposes thanks to its strength and versatility.

Slips and falls can occur because contaminants on the floor create a film between the shoe and the surface which leads to a person slipping. Polydeck’s anti-slip flooring panels are designed to reduce the risks of these incidents, providing a safe alternative that can be mechanically fixed to any structurally sound surface.

Polydeck’s specialist engineers cut the panels to the correct size to reduce on-site cutting and work closely with each client to find the thickness and aggregate that best suits their space. With a UK Slip Resistance Group classification of “Low Slip Potential”, protect your visitors or customers with effective anti-slip floor panels.

How does anti slip flooring work?

Ensure your entire space is safe to use in all conditions by implementing anti-slip treads, strips and decking from Polydeck. We have extensive experience carrying out jobs of all sizes, making train stations, footbridges and stadiums safe. To find the right products to suit your needs, browse our full range of non-slip flooring.

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