GRIPFAST NT Slurry from Polydeck

Polydeck supply a number of different local authorities with anti slip flooring solutions. When it comes to outdoor public spaces and buildings, it’s important that the authorities have the appropriate safety regulations and interventions in place. With DDA Compliant non slip flooring solutions, you can protect the public from any unnecessary accidents and themselves for any public liability made against them.

Anti Slip Flooring for Local Authorities

Polydeck have a selection of anti slip flooring solutions available for local authorities to help comply with building regulations and the DDA Act 1995.



Bridges are commonly used by pedestrians, cyclists and cars and can often become slippery very quickly. Polydeck have solutions for this including anti-slip panels, load bearing panels and GRIPFAST slurry coatings to provide a non slip surface.

Our overlay anti-slip panels are available with a range of different features such as colours and patterns. They are easy to install in all weathers and create a quick solution to a slippery surface.

Slurry surfaces from GRIPFAST are a highly-effective, strong and durable, waterproof coating that can ensure public areas are safe for people to use. Such locations may include cycle paths, foot ways, factory floors, entrance doorways, and bridges. Learn more about anti slip solutions for bridges.

Car parks

It is also important to have anti-slip solutions installed in car parks, and Polydeck provides a range of anti-slip solutions that are suitable for use in multi-storey car parks.

Making sure car parks are safe is a high-priority for local authorities, since many accidents occur in public, multi-storey car parks.

There are numerous hazards within multi-storey car parks, including stairs and ramps, making anti slip solutions ideal for car parks and to help prevent accidents and falls.

Leisure Centres, libraries and other buildings

Polydeck provide DDA compliant stair treads for a variety of leisure centres, libraries and other buildings.

Our DDA compliant stair treads are manufactured to custom sizes and can also be supplied in a range of colours to work well with the surrounding area.

Our anti-slip stair treads are additionally available with a range of finishes and can withstand a considerable amount of pedestrian traffic.

More anti-slip flooring products from Polydeck

It is not simply anti-slip flooring solutions for local authorities that we offer here at Polydeck.

There’s a huge variety of anti slip solutions available that can help businesses, homes and public places become more safe.

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