PolyDeck produces non-slip flooring solutions across a wide range of industries. Anti slip flooring is crucial when it comes to upholding health and safety regulations in care homes, not only to protect the welfare of the residents, but also to protect the property owner from personal liability claims.

Polydeck has been manufacturing anti slip flooring for over 25 years, providing us with a wealth of expertise in design and innovation. All of our products are created within the UK and we also offer a range of DDA compliant surfaces and flooring solutions.

Why is anti-slip flooring so important in care homes?

It is the responsibility of the property owner or landlord to ensure that residents are safe in their home, making walkways and public areas as accessible as possible.

The anti slip experts at Poldeck have a wide range of products to suit a variation of different surfaces.

For an appealing and long lasting non-slip floor, why not choose anti slip decking?

With a 30- year guarantee and anti-rot technology, our decking boards provide the perfect alternative for a garden, exterior walkway or outdoor seating area. The innovative boards are made from Glass Reinforced Polyester, making hem hard-wearing and easy to clean.

Hannover HousingIf you would like a slightly cheaper option, still offering an effective waterproof and non slip surface, consider the GRIPFAST NT Anti Slip Slurry. Durable and low maintenance, GRIPFAST NT Slurry is lightweight and can be applied to pre-existing flooring. It provides a perfect solution for the main exterior walkways and accessibility ramps within a care home or residential housing area. Learn more about anti slip slurry systems from Polydeck.

Polydeck worked with Hanover Housing, Scarborough, to create safe and appealing public walkways and communal spaces for over 60 sheltered housing properties. You can read the full case study online.

Contact Polydeck for your next project

If you are looking to looking to improve the safety of a care home and follow the DDA guidelines, then please do not hesitate to contact Polydeck.

We offer safe flooring to suit every property, and can also incorporate bespoke features upon request. For a quote or general enquiry call us directly on 01934 863678 or contact us online.