When creating a children’s playground for a park, nursery or school, it is crucial to adhere to health and safety regulations. This is not only to avoid large personal injury claims, but also to ensure that the children have a lower risk of falling and hurting themselves.

Every child is prone to scrapes and bumps, it’s all part of growing up and playing out. However, with antislip surfacing from Polydeck, you can ensure that they are protected from unnecessary injuries.

Anti slip flooring products

Anti-slip panels provide the perfect solution for slippery surfaces at a reasonable price. Versatile and easy-to-maintain, these panels can be used on the ground and on play area platforms. You can read more about these hard-wearing panels online.

Ladder rung covers from Polydeck provide a better surfacing for both square or round rungs. The strong and durable material provides a slip-free and safer solution to regular ladders in a play area or park. Find out more about Polydeck ladder rung covers.

For a cheaper and practical solution, why not consider anti slip tape or strips to clearly mark edgings of the play area and slip-risk areas?

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If you are looking for non slip flooring for your next project, then Polydeck can help. We have worked with countless local authorities and private businesses reduce the risk of slip-related injuries in workplaces and public walkways.

Polydeck offers safe flooring for any type of property, our products can even be manufactured in bespoke designs upon request. To receive a no-obligation quote or to discuss Polydeck flooring further, please contact us today. Call us on 01934 863678 or contact us online.

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Contact Polydeck today for the right solution for your next project! Polydeck’s very own GRIPFAST range of anti-slip products are manufactured to the highest possible standards, using quality materials from our trusted UK suppliers.

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