At Polydeck all our anti slip flooring solutions are made tailor-made to suit individual requirements. The railway industry is one sector that benefits massively from our bespoke solutions; heavy foot traffic and strict safety regulations mean rail companies must invest in the highest standards of anti slip floors to ensure the safety of all that use the site.

Heavy Foot Traffic Wears Down Floor Surfaces

railway anti slip flooringStation platforms can easily become slippery over time; think about the thousands of footsteps that trod on the floor and the hundreds of suitcases and bags that get dragged along every year. However, it only takes one person to slip and injure themselves for a lawsuit to start, and the costs of losing a compensation case could well cover the cost of installing anti slip flooring in the first place. Many rail companies don’t consider this though, and choose cheap anti slip flooring alternatives that have been manufactured abroad – and many of these solutions will only be ‘anti slip’ for a few months before wear and tear takes its effect and the floor is as slippery as it was before installation!

Polydeck has worked with railway companies across the UK as part of our deal with National Rail, who learnt the hard way that no other anti slip flooring compares to GRIPFAST! Our unique non slip floors feature a near diamond-hard aggregate and are made from Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) for a strong and durable surface that is GUARANTEED for 30 years.

Tailor Made Anti Slip Flooring for Rail Platforms

Best of all, because we’re a mould maker there’s no limit to the colours and patterns you can choose from. Gone are the days where anti slip floors were dull and dreary – now you can choose a practical flooring solution that reflects your corporate colours, decor or whatever you fancy!

DDA compliant stair treads, corduroy tactiles and load bearing anti-slip panels are just a selection of our non slip flooring for the railway industry, so take a look at our range for more information or call 01934 863678 for more information.

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