Non slip decking paint can be a cheap fix to a hazardous surface, making it an attractive solution for many business owners.

However, the application can be a lengthy process, and the coating needs to be topped up frequently.

Decking Alternatives from GRIPFAST

Anti Slip paint or coating increases the friction of decking boards, reducing the risk on slips and falls. In order for it to be effective it must be applied regularly during the correct conditions. This means that the area must be cordoned off or out of bounds to staff and/or the general public while the coating is added and while it dries.

GRIPFAST Boardwalk planks offer a suitable non slip alternative to decking. The boards are manufactured to appear like timber, but are actually made from glass reinforced polyester. They are easy to install, and once fitted they have a life span of 30 years. The boards are also rot resistant, making them ideal for outdoor use.

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Even if the boards are scratched or damaged from everyday wear and tear, the anti slip quality is not reduced.

GRIPFAST planks have been used across the country by local authorities, pubs and private businesses alike. For more information, take a look at our recent case studies.

You can find out more about GRIPFAST Boadwalk planks online.

Polydeck produces a wide range of anti slip decking products available for both indoor and outdoor flooring. From tape and strips to panels and tactile surfaces, we have solutions to meet all of your needs!

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