The busy train company, Northern Rail, have dedicated time and efforts to ensuring that each of their train stations are as safe as possible. This includes their location at Alderley Edge, where staff are committed to improving safety. Their footbridge was in a state of disrepair and needed important refurbishment work. Polydeck and Consortia Construction, who work on behalf of Northern Rail, teamed up to provide the station with the best possible solution.

Non-Slip Footbridge Solution

The surface of the footbridge was almost beyond repair and such erosion had caused an increased in reports of customers slipping, falling and tripping. Therefore, the surface needed to be replaced and still be compliant with the current Equality Act (2010). Northern Rail also needed to provide improved drainage and to stop water collecting on the surface.

How can Polydeck help?

In order to comply fully with the Equality Act (2010), Polydeck suggested their extra heavy duty, diamond pattern overlay treads with colour contrasting nosing. In order to fit in with the surroundings, the footbridge not only had to be durable and long-lasting, but it also had to look the part. Northern Rail therefore opted for the corduroy tactile.

Together, these elements created a completely safe walking system for the footbridge at the Alderley Edge train station. The anti-slip flooring solutions that Polydeck used was made from glass-reinforced polyester (GRP), which has a near diamond hard aggregate. Although it has the nicer appearance of wood, the footbridge will not rot and has a guarantee of thirty years, and because the treads are manufactured using ‘through colour’ resin, there is no paint on the tread to wear away.

Polydeck has helped Northern Rail create a long-lasting product without the need to replace the whole footbridge, and ensured the job was completed within the proper time period to ensure minimal disruption.

Before and after of Alderley Edge Bridge