Access for All GRP Easy Access Areas have been designed to provide an improved level of accessibility to trains at rural railway stations, by raising the height of the station platform in a distinct area. Installed so far in over 80 UK locations, Polydeck’s EAA Platforms are of modular construction and can be quickly and easily installed providing full non slip station platforms with tactiles and high speed yellow lines if required. Height of the Access Areas can be varied by use of adjustable feet and ease of access and egress is guaranteed by use of non-slip modular rubber BusPads.

Access for All Anti Slip Flooring Features

Features include:

  • Modular system provides an easy to install raised station platform, which can be made to measure according to local requirements.
  • System combines the use of full station panels, comprising black anti slip walking surface, colour constant and contrasting white platform edge line, optional high speed yellow line and tactile surfaces, which are fixed to bearers and adjustable feet.
  • Double layer of fused aluminium oxide aggregate and silicon carbide aggregate on the panel ensure extra heavy durability against wear.
  • Slip resistance values of up to 73 WET and 88 DRY * meaning that GRIPFAST Stations Platform Panels Duty Stair Treads provide a walking surface which is designated as Low Slip Potential by the UK Slip Resistance Group Guidelines (issue 3, 2011).
  • Fire rating classification of CFL – s1 ** and Class 1 to BS476 Parts 6 and 7.
  • System meets design load criteria of 5kN/m2 and deflection limit of 0.5% of span.
  • Design life: 30 years

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